Sometimes there’s a missing link between what you know you’re capable of and what you’re actually doing.

Self-doubt, self-sabotage, and fear of failure are an epidemic among talented passionate women who would otherwise be incredibly successful entrepreneurs.

The problem is, most women think they should be able to overcome these career-killers on their own.

But as they saying goes, you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

That’s where Liz Nicklas comes in.

Liz Nicklas is a Mindset Expert and Master Coach with over 15 years of experience coaching and training women in business all over the world to achieve their desired results in all areas of their lives and businesses.

She has helped hundreds of women to let go of self-doubt, self-sabotage and fear of failure and finally uplevel their confidence and find their voice. If you are ready to step into who you are capable of being, Liz is your coach.

Liz uses specific strategies, frameworks and constructs and will teach how to manage your mind and process your emotions so that you can consciously and consistently create your desired results.

She will show you exactly how your mind works, how to override your lower brain and remove limiting beliefs, how to install new belief patterns, and how to shift your thought focus and fuel the exact feelings that drive the exact actions that will create your results.

In her work, Liz uses Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction and a Thought Model to explain exactly how to master your mindset.

"Liz taught me how to be fully in control over my thoughts - and then the implementation to actually rewire my thoughts over time (the ongoing work) has allowed me to move my business into a big growth phase even during these times. I have been consistently growing every week and our minds are always the key that allows growth or that allows limitations. Huge huge thank you to Liz Koehn Nicklas and this continued essential work."
Kim Aliprantis
Fitness & Total Wellbeing Professional
"I have to say the biggest results I am seeing right now are in my relationships. Learning that “no one can make you feel...anything” has been life changing. Learning how to stay in my thought model has been so liberating, not only for me but for the people I love around me. I have been able to change patterns that I didn’t even know I had, therefore loving myself and others more deeply and openly. Freedom is the result I have been able to attain. It’s just the beginning for me though. Cleaning up my relationships (thoughts about them) is freeing me up to start focusing on myself (not others) so I can discover and persue my big audacious dream. Thank you Liz! "
Christy Carpenter
Insurance Consultant
"I love that Liz backs everything she says up with science and has a no BS approach. I really love that we not only learn the why behind what we’re learning and a bit of the science, but that we have frameworks and homework designed for us to truly practice what we learn and integrate it into our lives. Liz creates and holds the space for you to reframe what’s holding you back and literally show up as an up leveled version of yourself. If you want to have quantum leaps in your life, go to Liz. Especially if you’re someone who isn’t super woo. She understands how the brain and the quantum world work, and because of it is able to help you grow and expand in ways you never thought you could."
Nikki Nash
Author, Market Your Genius


Two private 45-minute calls

Fast-track your success with Liz in 1:1 45 minute zoom private coaching sessions, and get the additional support when you need it most. 

Every successful woman from pro athletes to Fortune 500 CEO’s invest in this kind of support to take them to overcome their internal blocks so they can make it to the top.

The same level of results, will take the same level of commitment. You’re worth the investment.



Value of two sessions: regular $1,300 (only $897 for Masterclass students)

"The tools I have gained and now use on a daily basis from Liz in the masterclass were the tools I had been missing all these years.

I knew about mindset.

Heck, I’ve been in the coaching industry for 10 years.

Mindset is not new to me.

I worked for a coach who was a former psychotherapist. I heard all things mindset.

What I didn’t have were actual tools to implement that I can use for the rest of my life.

So…if you think you “got it” or already “know mindset” or worry what other people might “think about you” for joining, or you have already reached heightened levels of success like me…set that all aside.

And tune inward.

I joined not because I read Liz’s posts every day.

Not because I was hanging out here in the [Mindset Mastery] group.

Not because I went through her 5-day “The Shift” training and needed to be convinced.

Not because most of my clients have worked with her and have great results.

I joined because I listened to an inner nudge. My own inner knowing.

That it was time.

And I trusted Liz.

And I trusted myself.

And I trusted the process.

If you’re thinking about it, wondering, or contemplating if your life can keep getting better and better…yes, it can.

But it won’t magically happen on its own.

And you don’t want it to take another 40 years.

You can feel alive…now."

Megan Huber
Client Retention and Group Program Leadership Specialist

"Before The Mindset Masterclass, I was getting caught in a scarcity mindset as enrollment was down in my program that had sold out over the past year. I was having a hard time reframing my thoughts so that I could feel calm and know that everything has a season and there was nothing going wrong.

With Liz's class, I was able to shift and see the gift that propelled me to pivot my business in a way that allowed more spaciousness and clarity around what felt more aligned with me and OUT of hustle mode. EVERYONE should take the class! - Mindset is the key to creating anything you desire. Liz is the best of the best. She will shoot straight and help you shift FAST. Knowing how your brain works and understanding her process will help you in whatever stage of life or business you are in.

Liz is a coach who cares, shows up fully, models how to do this work, and holds the vision for your highest possibility. There is NO hiding or playing small. She will hold you to the BEST you can be. ❤ Thank you Liz."

Christine Williams
Shine Abundance Now
"Don’t miss out on this experience! Liz is the real deal and is a true life changer! I have become a completely different person because of my work with Liz. I worked with her for a couple of years now and it’s one of the most valuable investments I’ve ever made in myself. Plus, she’s not kidding when she says she’s unfiltered. She is, and it’s fucking amazing!"
Nicole Cramer
Sales Coach at Healthy Steps with Nicole
"Liz is one of the best unfiltered, no BS or fluff women I've EVER met and she does it with such conviction and love. I'm going to tell you FLAT OUT, this work is an absolute gift to yourself and all those around you because it will impact them too."
Ryn Sloane
Cancer & Empowerment Coach