Level 1

Mindset Masterclass

The Next Mindset Masterclass Level 1 kicks off in Fall 2024!

You can change the way you think.

You just need the right information and the right tools to change your mind.

You are not broken.

You don’t need fixing.

You don’t need to settle for an “ok” life.

You can change easily.

Most people believe they are who they are because of their past. They believe they are capable of what they are capable of based upon their past accomplishments.


Anything that is new for you, you haven’t done before. The way you’ve always thought, felt and behaved has been true up until now because the filter through which you see yourself and the world hasn’t changed.

That filter is your thinking.

Your past doesn’t predict your future… unless you allow it to do so by believing that.

If you want to change your life you have to learn the skill of intentional future based thinking.

You have to learn how to focus on the future and create your beliefs from a future YOU perspective.

I have privately coached thousands of women just like you over the last fifteen years.

I decided it was time to bundle all of the information, tools and my step by step Mindset Mastery Process and present it in a group program. That program is The Mindset Masterclass.

Women just like you with the same fears, self-doubt and limiting beliefs have graduated from the Mindset Masterclass and transformed.

You can too.

“I was excited that I didn’t have to meditate 90 minutes per day to change my thoughts”

Holly Davis

“There’s so many things that I walked away with….”

Trisha Espinoza

“My life has dramatically changed in 14 weeks…”

Janet McCullar

I feel incredibly relieved and peaceful and excited about the possibilities.

“My experience of my life is dramatically different than it was before MMC, and, of course, nothing about the externals has really changed. I feel incredibly relieved and peaceful and excited about the possibilities. Liz taught me how to get out of my own way so that I can create a vibrant life based on my deepest values instead of viewing my life as just a problem to be solved. And exploring this process with a group of warm, wise and supportive women accelerated and buoyed my progress beyond even my greatest expectations.”

Karen Haswell

My Pod group was wonderful

“Starting with MMC while I was traveling in Italy was a monumental gift. Even though I wasn’t present during most of the live calls, I learned and absorbed so much during the replays and was constantly putting the lessons to work. My Pod group was wonderful. I also found time to read the books. I dumped a lot of my mental garbage. I’m beginning to sense a “new me” beginning to blossom. Liz – A heartfelt thank you for “being in my face” about starting MMC NOW and not waiting. And Carrie, your messages of support and understanding were so appreciated. I’m very excited to actively engage and continue.”

Kathy Gehl

The Mindset Masterclass shifted the trajectory of my life.

“I learned how to completely rebuild my identity and shifted the way I think about nearly everything. Those shifts have supported me in changing jobs, tripling my corporate income, and starting my own business. Not to mention, with the skills you learn in class…it’s EASY to access peace and calm whenever you need it. I couldn’t recommend it enough!”

Christina Spinazola
Happiness Compass

The biggest results I am seeing are in my relationships.

“Learning that “no one can make you feel…anything” has been life changing. Learning how to stay in my thought model has been so liberating, not only for me but for the people I love around me. I have been able to change patterns that I didn’t even know I had, therefore loving myself and others more deeply and openly. Freedom is the result I have been able to attain. It’s just the beginning for me though. Cleaning up my relationships (thoughts about them) is freeing me up to start focusing on myself (not others) so I can discover and persue my big audacious dream. Thank you Liz!”

Christy Carpenter
Insurance Consultant

It really was the best class and investment in myself.

“I would like to say thank you to Liz Koehn Nicklas, and all the other fabulous ladies I had the pleasure to get to know. From the beginning of where I started, I was not in a good place and was going through a lot of negative space and thoughts. As the classes went on, I learned to calm those thoughts, and how to process emotions. It takes work and practice, but these tools I will forever be grateful to help me continue on my journey. I gained something insightful from everyone that shared their experiences. The learning is never over and I look forward to working with Liz again in the future.”

Tessa Cook

Liz is one of the best unfiltered, no BS or fluff women I've EVER met.

“She teaches with such conviction and love. I’m going to tell you FLAT OUT, this work is an absolute gift to yourself and all those around you because it will impact them too. Get your name on that list!”

Ryn Sloane
Cancer & Empowerment Coach

What I learned was incredibly valuable and worth every penny!!!

“Before taking your class, I was so full of doubt and lacked confidence in myself and my abilities. I felt miserable, bitter, and unhappy at my current job but too afraid to make a change because I didn’t see possibility in my life and I didn’t believe in myself. I felt stuck and didn’t realize that I had choice. I now know and believe 100% that I have authority over my thoughts. This is SO POWERFUL!!!

I left my job feeling empowered. Feeling transformed from the inside out. Knowing that I had choice. I was so thrilled at how I carried myself when starting my new job. I showed up differently. I believed in myself and felt confident. I am a new and improved version of myself and have grown so much!!! AND this is just the beginning! Thank you again for this transformative experience!!! Joining the Mindset Masterclass was one of the BEST decisions I ever made! I would recommend it to anyone!”

Valerie Johnson



How your brain actually works.


What different parts of your brain do and how to shift from the part you can’t control to the part you must control.


Where your thoughts come from.


Where your emotions come from.


What makes you take action or NOT take action.


What actually creates ALL your results and how to manage that.

How can you learn so much?…


All areas of your life and business are driven by mindset.

You must have the right information about how your brain works and the right tools to manage your mind and direct your results.



Manage procrastination, self-sabotage, fear, worry, anxiety and overwhelm.


Create healthier relationships and improve those that are triggering or challenging.


Change any area of your life that feels out of control.


Never feel “stuck” again.


Handle any emotion you feel and never be held back by any feeling you are feeling.


Embrace who you are and stop comparing yourself to others.


Fix your relationship with money so you can make more money more easily.


Finally have the skills to make lots of decisions often and easily.


Sell (if you are in business) with ease and no icky, pushy feelings.

Most of what is peddled out there as mindset just doesn’t work. It’s total BS.


Positive thinking, affirmations and vision boards are lovely, but they won’t change your brain, the way you think, or the results in your life.


They can’t

The process you learn:

1. How to understand what your brain is wired to do and how to watch your brain think.

2. How to remain non-resistant as you observe your brain.

3. How to cleanly process your emotions and use them as information.

4. How to question your thoughts, feelings, and actions with specific tools and strategies that quickly create change.

5. How to think ahead of your current environment and state of being and literally become a new 2.0 version of you.

This means you learn to use your conscious brain to reprogram your subconscious brain.

When you can do this, you will be changed forever.

My process will work in all areas of your life and business.

Look, its not your fault you’ve been stuck and unable to change.

Up until now, you’ve been operating your brain without the user’s manual.

The wrong information never works no matter how much you study it (and apply it).

You know that because, you’ve tried that and seen no change.

The right information, along with my Mindset Mastery step by step process works every time.

It will change your mind and then it will change your life!

My mission is to teach you all this AND coach you live on all this material.


You need to know HOW to think not what to think.

That’s the difference.

Level 1

Where everyone gets started.

Training Calls for six weekly lessons are held at 7:00 pm ET on Thursday evenings. In addition, during Level 1, there are 4-5 bonus calls for additional live coaching and Q&A held on Tuesday evenings (time TBD).


How your brain operates


The Results Based Thinking model


Emotional management and self-regulation


Working with intentions, goals and questions


The origin of beliefs & how to re-write them


Moving forward with quick decision making

Level 2

When you complete Masterclass Level 1, you will be invited to immediately purchase and continue with Masterclass Level 2 for 8 additional weeks.

Training Calls for eight weekly lessons are held at 7:00 pm ET on Thursday evenings. In addition, during Level 2, there are 7-8 bonus calls for additional live coaching and Q&A held on Tuesday evenings (time TBD).


The way creation actually takes place


How the world actually works


How to improve them ALL


Your relationship with YOU


How to grow your brain


Change your money mindset for good


Develop a successful business mindset


Clarify everything you stand for and what to let go

I was on the fence, too. Just do it!

I think the person who I used to be was someone always looking for a silver bullet and the class taught me there really is no silver bullet. It’s always been within me, I’m the silver bullet. That did surprise me. But on a deeper level, it almost didn’t, it’s like I knew that’s what was going to happen and I took the steps to get there. The community, and the pods especially, have been really helpful to me in terms of learning and applying the material that we go over in class. We have a lot of fun. Just ask yourself if you want to do it. If you’re here, you’re here for a reason. If you want something and this is attractive to you, then go for it. It’s that simple. I was on the fence, too. Just do it!

Elizabeth Zhang

An extraordinary decision!

“Writing an endorsement for a program I’ve been in for such a short time is not my usual MO. I’m an extrovert, I have good intuition and have a wonderful, happy life, so in considering MMC and deciding to expand my online and my financial commitments seemed a bit of a stretch for me. Yet, I was encouraged by two individuals that I professionally admire and made a yes decision. An extraordinary decision! In the last 6 weeks of MMC and Liz’s coaching, I’ve taken steps in my art business that I’ve been avoiding for years. I’ve entered two juried art shows and have an award from one of the shows. I’ve begun reaching out to numerous East Coast galleries, I’ve written a “would-be” client suggesting my work would be a fit in his collection, written a world famous artist inquiring about a visit to his studio, and been accepted into THE gallery in town that I simply (after rehearsing the moment many times in my mind) walked into and asked him to review my work. Liz’s coaching taught me how to connect my subconscious and conscious brain, engage in radical truth telling, and how to tell my low self-esteem/imposter side to take a hike! I’ve become aware of the energy levels and frequencies that constantly radiate around me. I’m learning to tap into those frequencies. If someone is sitting on the fence re joining MMC, I’d say jump off and into this play yard. I’m fortunate to have Liz’s MMC tutelage and be in a community with an amazing, supportive group of women.”

Dianna Woolley

At the start of my first MMC, I was a shell of a person.

“My doubts, self-worth, and beliefs closed me off for years. I dabbled in the self-help space but was frustrated when the book/podcast didn’t provide actionable steps or accountability and left me to my own vices. Liz provides science-backed research, tools to work on and a safe environment to grow. I took great strides after MMC ended but knew I needed to ensure my new foundation was firm. So, I took the class again. While the experience the 2nd time around was familiar, what I gained was completely different. The women and their experiences were different. I was different. And so, the teachings hit differently. What I took away from my 2nd MMC was exactly what I needed in that moment. Taking this class (twice!) has changed me. I have this memory of my younger self – full of love, joy, and bravery who was always laughing. I lost that girl over the years. Through this MMC experience I found her again and I can’t wait to see what my future holds.”

Lisa Espinoza

I never had the tools or knew how to reprogram my subconscious.

“To learn that we have massive power over our thoughts, feelings and actions has been game changing! I am able to shift my mindset around any circumstance in minutes which is not how I use to be. I am letting go of many limiting beliefs that I have kept me stuck for my entire life. I received a raise in January (expected from last year) and received another raise that was a complete shock 2 months after. Our beliefs create our reality.
This year I am looking to move, and possibly start a side business. I would love to share my story and be a role model for others that change CAN happen. The best part of all of this is that I have found my worthiness, I am healing, I learning to love myself unconditionally AND even better I have been able to share the tools that I have learned with my children. I get to teach them which is priceless. Joining the Masterclass has been the BEST decision I have ever made.”

Marisa Crawn

The Mindset Masterclass taught me how to be fully in control over my thoughts.

“The implementation to actually rewire my thoughts over time (the ongoing work) has allowed me to move my business into a big growth phase even during these times. I have been consistently growing every week and our minds are always the key that allows growth or that allows limitations. Huge huge thank you to Liz Koehn Nicklas and this continued essential work.”

Kim Aliprantis
Fitness & Total Wellbeing Professional

I went into Mindset Mastery Level 1 thinking that I only needed a few mindset tweaks for business.

“To my surprise, there was a lot more to explore and unpack. What I discovered first was how out of touch I really was with my emotions and thoughts. This is everything!!! Looking back, to when I first started class, I didn’t realize how sad and disempowered I felt. Thankfully, over the 14 weeks of working with Liz (Level 1 and Level 2) that changed. Through our time together, I was able to “reprogram” myself, which gave space for beautiful and unexpected growth. The relationship with my dad shifted from major stress to more ease and even laughter. I stopped subconsciously placing my value in the hands of the men in my life, let go of debilitating beliefs and worthiness issues tied to the deity of my youth. And let go of anxiety from a childhood trauma that still haunted me. In short, overall, I reclaimed my power and now own my value. In Liz’s program, you will not only get what you think you want, you’ll also receive what you didn’t know that you needed. All that’s required from you is to show up, play big and be open to endless possibilities. And have fun! You will be grateful that you did. Liz is beyond generous with her time, wisdom and drive to help make our world a better place. And that place starts inside every one of us. Thank you, Liz!”

Wendy Lee Baldwin Hargett

I was a mindset coach who still found herself stuck despite knowing "all the things."

“I learned I did not know ALL the things and some of what I did know did not resonate at the depth I needed to to truly evolve and make the difference I want to make in the world. I also came into this class when my outside circumstances were blowing up and out of control. This class and Liz’s coaching have helped me weather one of the worst and longest storms of my life by learning to manage my mindset, feel at a deep level, become much less reactionary and anxious; and get out of my own way by stopping unnecessary self-judgment.No one should miss this class or its depth. You probably don’t even know all the ways you are holding yourself back!”

Jen Grosso

This is the answer you are seeking.

The Mindset Masterclass Level 1 meets for six weeks on Thursday nights for 90 minutes live with me on zoom.

You will also have some additional bonus Q & A calls with me and a private FB group to interact with me and other students.

You will be immersed in this work. You will have fun, and you will change!

It’s your time! No more messing around. This is the work that works.

Ask us anything!


What's the investment for MMC Level 1?
Currently, the cost of joining MMC is 3 biweekly payments of $319 or one payment of $797. Level 1 is a 6 week program.
Level 2 investment is 4 biweekly payments of $322 or one payment of $1197. Level 2 is an 8 week program that immediate follows Level 1.
Do I need to be on Facebook?
We encourage students to be active in our exclusive Facebook community to get more out of MMC – connection with fellow students and additional support from Liz between calls. That said, you do not need to be on Facebook. All calls are held on Zoom and you may attend virtual calls only if you wish.
We strongly encourage Facebook participation and replays of all classes are available to watch only on Facebook, so if you miss a class, this is another huge benefit for you. Our Facebook community is the heart of this program and why would you deny yourself that!?
Does everyone complete Level 2 after Level 1?
95% of students complete both. You may be wondering why MMC is a 6 week Level 1 and 8 week Level 2 program rather than a 14 week program. Especially since the majority of students complete both and we highly recommend the full 14 weeks for best results.
Here’s why: 14 weeks could be a long program and commitment for students who have enrolled then found themselves not ready to do the deep work. It’s important to the cohesiveness of the group and to everyone’s success that students be ALL IN and ready to implement the tools during Level 2. Thus, structuring the program this way, we can check-in after the 6 weeks of foundational work, then continue and ensure we are facilitating and cultivating a strong, supportive, and amazing group of women as we dive deeper into the work!
How long will I have access to the tools and recordings?
You will have access to the Facebook community and recordings of calls for two weeks after the last class in Level 1. You’ll also have two weeks after the last class in Level 2 to access Level 2 recordings. Level 1 and Level 2 each have separate communities, despite most students choosing to take both levels consecutively.
I have taken Level 1, can I take Level 2 at anytime?
No. Level 1 and Level 2 must be taken consecutively. Level 2 typically follows Level 1 immediately the next week after the last Level 1 class or at most has a one week break if necessary for holidays. Level 1 is focused on learning the foundations and the tools for mindset mastery. Level 2 is focused on implementing the tools learned in Level 1. Level 2 is all about understanding how your subconscious brain is wired with belief/ programs and how to intentionally rewire new belief/ programs to automatically create the results you desire. If you choose to continue with Level 2, it’s important that you do so immediately and it is beneficial for you that you are on the full Level 1 and 2 journey with the same fellow students.
How often is the Mindset Masterclass open?
Historically, MMC is offered three times per year and most students complete levels 1 and 2 over 14 weeks, with exceptions for holiday breaks. There is no guarantee that MMC will be offered three times each year and the number of weeks of the program are subject to change between times MMC is offered. Prices are also subject to change. We maintain a waitlist for the next session available, not any longer than that. There is also no guarantee that a spot will be available in the next session, so we strongly encourage signing up for the MMC waitlist plenty early if the doors to MMC are currently closed.
Does Liz offer one-on-one coaching or mentoring?
Yes, for active students in MMC, if Liz’s schedule allows, additional 1:1 support calls may be available for purchase during the time you are enrolled in MMC. If available, these are offered in packages of two 45-minute calls.
Liz also offers private coaching packages (of longer duration) where available, but this is only offered to graduates after completion of Level 1, 2, and either completion of or active enrollment in Level 3 – The Rise Mastermind.
Do I need to have a business?
Absolutely not, you are in the business of growing you!
Can I speak to someone if I have additional questions?
Yes! Please send a direct message via Facebook to Liz Nicklas or Carrie Jablonow. You may also email carrie@liznicklas.com

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