My Story

How do I know this works? Everything I have created in my life in the last twenty years is the core of what I teach and coach today.  I know it works, because I’ve lived the work.

In 1999, I walked away from a successful teaching career to have my three children and be at home. Home is where I wanted to be, but I had a burning desire, a vision to be more, to do more, to have more and to give more. What I discovered on my journey is the foundation of the system I coach and train with today.

I learned that self-awareness is necessary to create change.  I also learned that in order to reach for more, I had to remove the beliefs that were holding me back.  I came to see that my mind had unchecked limiting beliefs.  If you understand HOW your mind works and how to clean it and install the thoughts that align with the future you want, then results come easily.  That is what I did, and that is what today I teach and coach my clients to do.

If you don’t know how to manage your mind and process your emotions then it feels as though life is happening TO YOU.  That’s not true.  Life is happening FOR YOU.  We are always creating our lives with the thoughts we believe.  The problem is that so often we aren’t even aware of what we are thinking,or we aren’t questioning thoughts that are holding us back.  I also discovered that we often unintentionally block manifestation. When we question the creation process, allow our self-doubt and fear to stop us or stop trusting the universe, we cut off what can flow to us.

If you can deeply desire something, the universe can produce it, but desire is not enough. You must bring consciously aligned thoughts, words and action to your aspirations and intentions.  You have to practice self-acceptance and learn to master the inner critic voice that tells you that you “can’t” do it.  We have 60,000 thoughts a day on average.  Many of those thought are running like an old computer program.  Those programs are running our lives.  Mindset work is like reading the users guide for your mind.  Once you know how it works and how to program it, you can design your life.

Using what I learned, I was able to create my own business as an educator, speaker, trainer and coach exactly as I had envisioned it. I was able to realize my dream. Today utilizing the very same tools and strategies I used, my clients change their lives, businesses and relationships too. My coaching system is about learning HOW to use mindset strategies and tools to consciously create your results.   The power of the universe is unlocked when it is used in conjunction with your own power.  Your power is the power of thought choice.