Level 1-3


The Next Mindset Masterclass Level 1 kicks off June 2024!

Level 1 Mindset Masterclass - 6 Weeks

Where all students begin.

  • Week 1 The Brain: How your brain operates
  • Week 2 RBT: The Results Based Thinking Model
  • Week 3 Emotions: Emotional management and self-regulation
  • Week 4 Goals: Working with intention, goals and questions
  • Week 5 Beliefs: The origin of beliefs & how to re-write them
  • Week 6 Decisions: Moving forward with quick decision making

Level 2 Mindset Masterclass - 8 Weeks

Immediately follows Level 1 for an additional 8 weeks. 90% of members choose to continue with Level 2.


  • Week 7 Quantum Concepts: The way creation actually takes place
  • Week 8 Energy: How the world actually works
  • Week 9 Relationships: How to improve them all
  • Week 10 Self-Trust: Your relationship with you
  • Week 11 Neuroscience: How to grow your brain
  • Week 12 Money Mindset: Change your money mindset for good
  • Week 13 Career Mindset: Develop a successful business mindset
  • Week 14 Core Values: Clarify everything you stand for and what to let go

Level 3 Rise Mastermind - 6 Months

Rise is for Masterclass Level 1 and Level 2 graduates only and is a six month mastermind experience where we focus entirely upon mastering The Quantum Formula. Rise Members also receive membership in the Masterclass Graduate Academy for an additional 2 live coaching calls per month. This is the most 1:1 coaching Liz offers. You are invited to renew your membership in Rise every 6 months if you desire.


  • Six months of weekly calls
  • Access to call replays
  • Private facebook group and collaborative community
  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls with Liz during the 6 months
  • Peer Coaching & Small Pod Group Support
  • Free access to the Masterclass Graduate Academy

PREREQUISITE: Graduate of Level 1 and Level 2 Mindset Masterclass

Masterclass Graduate Academy - Membership

Continue on your success path with your ongoing community to stay connected with the amazing women from your cohort, plus meet other alumni committed to the process and to quantum work.


  • Two live calls per month
  • Private facebook community
  • Ask Liz anything post to ask questions in advance of coaching

PREREQUISITE: Graduate of Level 1 and Level 2 Mindset Masterclass. Rise Mastermind members automatically receive this bonus membership. You may continue this work with this membership alone.

Women just like you with the same fears, self-doubt and limiting beliefs have graduated from the Mindset Masterclass and transformed.

You can too.



How your brain actually works.


What different parts of your brain do and how to shift from the part you can’t control to the part you must control.


Where your thoughts come from.


Where your emotions come from.


What makes you take action or NOT take action.


What actually creates ALL your results and how to manage that.

How can you learn so much?…


All areas of your life and business are driven by mindset.

You must have the right information about how your brain works and the right tools to manage your mind and direct your results.



Manage procrastination, self-sabotage, fear, worry, anxiety and overwhelm.


Create healthier relationships and improve those that are triggering or challenging.


Change any area of your life that feels out of control.


Never feel “stuck” again.


Handle any emotion you feel and never be held back by any feeling you are feeling.


Embrace who you are and stop comparing yourself to others.


Fix your relationship with money so you can make more money more easily.


Finally have the skills to make lots of decisions often and easily.


Sell (if you are in business) with ease and no icky, pushy feelings.

The process you learn:

1. How to understand what your brain is wired to do and how to watch your brain think.

2. How to remain non-resistant as you observe your brain.

3. How to cleanly process your emotions and use them as information.

4. How to question your thoughts, feelings, and actions with specific tools and strategies that quickly create change.

5. How to think ahead of your current environment and state of being and literally become a new 2.0 version of you.

This means you learn to use your conscious brain to reprogram your subconscious brain.

When you can do this, you will be changed forever.

My process will work in all areas of your life and business.

Look, its not your fault you’ve been stuck and unable to change.

Up until now, you’ve been operating your brain without the user’s manual.

The wrong information never works no matter how much you study it (and apply it).

You know that because, you’ve tried that and seen no change.

The right information, along with my Mindset Mastery step by step process works every time.

It will change your mind and then it will change your life!

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