Rise Mastermind


Advanced Program

By application only. This is an advanced program for Masterclass level 1 and 2 graduates.

What it is:

Rise is a six month mastermind experience where we focus entirely upon mastering The Quantum Formula. All the tools and concepts from The Mindset Masterclass 1 and 2 are also reinforced.

You begin with an orientation call and an onboarding call then immediately are trained in The Quantum Formula. From there, we spend all our time together creating by using The Quantum Formula in all areas of our life and business.

We start with The philosophy and Formula and then you will receive weekly coaching to sharpen your skills and clean up any and all limiting blocks in your way. You spend your time in Rise, sharpening your skills, mastering the formula and process and learning from others.


What’s Included

Six Months of Weekly Calls

4 calls a month on Monday nights at 7:30 pm ET.

Access to Call Replays

Coaching from Liz

Private Facebook Group

Private Calls

Two 60 minute 1:1 private coaching calls with Liz during the 6 months.

Peer Coaching

Small Pod Group Support

Collaborative Community

Masterclass Graduate Academy

Free access to the Masterclass Graduate Academy (for an additional 2 live coaching calls per month)

What People Are Saying

“Joining RISE after my graduation from the Mindset Masterclass Levels 1 & 2 has been the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. There has been no better, or more practical way, to put the MM teachings and tools to actual work than being a part of this mastermind community. Just when I thought my mind(set) had already been blown by MM 1 & 2, RISE showed me that was truly just the beginning. RISE is where the real work gets done. It’s where the tools Liz teaches are put to use. The coaching gets juicier, the connectivity and community becomes stronger. I’m so glad I didn’t hesitate on saying yes to joining RISE, my mindset and my life are forever changed for the better as a result of taking that simple step forward.”

Carrie Jablonow

Director, Global City Solutions, Mastercard

Being in the Rise Mastermind has allowed me to make huge growth in all areas of my life.

After the Masterclass Level 1 & 2, I realized that mindset was an on-going commitment to myself and I was all in!

In Rise, I am supported by Liz and my peers but I am always met with complete honesty and accountability. We are able to be radically honest in this space which allows for the biggest amount of growth.

I find that Liz always brings her direct and compassionate coaching to the forefront while sharing new concepts and having us put them into action each week. The peer coaching aspect is incredibly valuable because you receive feedback from everyone, allowing for a more diverse and richer experience.

I look so forward to class every week because I know it will allow me to continue to up-level and challenge myself.

Ryn Sloane

Coach & Breast Cancer Thriver

I felt like I needed more time to integrate and deepen the basics learned in the Mindset Masterclass. RISE was the perfect next step for me, as it’s a room filled with other women also committed to honing their self-awareness and putting into practice the tools learned inside the Mindset Masterclass. As a Somatics and Transformational Wellness Coach, RISE holds space to be coached, and practice the art and science of mindset. Knowing isn’t enough, RISE is the prefect container that holds time, and intention to deepen our mindset practice, and embody the essentials of what’s learned inside the Mindset Mastery class. 

Vikki Fuhrman

Somatics Coach & Bodyworker

Get the support you need to make the quantum leap you deserve