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How to step out from behind the curtain and take center stage in your own life.

Recently a new client of mine asked me, ” what is the most powerful strategy I can commit to today to create change?”  Although we are only at the beginning of a coaching program, I felt it was an important question and one that deserved an answer.  I thought for a moment and said, “honesty.”  Telling yourself the absolute truth is where the deeper work begins.
When I say honesty, I’m not talking about the kind of truth we offer up when a good friend asks if she looks chubby in a certain outfit.  Although that kind of honesty is important too.  I’m talking about a deeper truth that resonates within us.  I ask my clients to look inside and ask themselves, “what is really going on for me here?”  Is sadness and vulnerability disguised as anger?  Is loneliness hidden by food or alcohol consumption?  Does my marriage feel empty despite how it looks to others from the outside?  Do I feel that I am never enough no matter how tirelessly I show up for others?
Most of us aren’t looking below the surface of our reactions and emotions, and some of us aren’t even aware of our reactions and emotions no less telling the truth about them.  But, that truth below the surface is where the work begins, and it starts with an awareness which can only be accessed by truth telling.  Now, I ‘m not suggesting that we shout these truths to the world or call up our mother-in-law and tell her THAT truth, but we can develop a practice of telling ourselves the deepest truth that we can access.  Once we create awareness, we can identify what is really going on for us.  Then the opportunity for change is present because we see choice.  With honesty and choice,  we can question who we are and how we are showing up.  For many of my clients it is like stepping out from behind the curtain to take center stage in their lives for the very first time.
After I answered, “honesty,” my client said, what you might expect, “If I start telling the truth, a lot of stuff is gonna fall apart.”  Yup, that’s possible.  But, if it’s stuff that is held together with secrecy, disguise and inauthenticity, it is bound to crumble at some point anyway.  Our power to change is our choice to accept who we are and begin from there.  Honesty always precedes authenticity, and authenticity is a series of choices we make every day to show up fully and let ourselves be seen.
It takes courage to show up authentically no doubt, but the truth WILL set you free.  Start with honesty and you begin down the path to an extraordinary life.

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