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Decision Making Strategies – Audio Blog

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to make decisions effortlessly? How did they learn to make decisions so swiftly and comfortably?  The truth is that we are all making three decisions daily that shape our lives.  In fact the decisions you’ve made in the past have determined where you are today. Tune in to my new audio blog and learn what those three critical decisions are and what distinctions will help you to be a better decision maker.

3 comments to Decision Making Strategies – Audio Blog

  • Karen

    This audio blog was great! It reinforced things I knew but had lost sight of. These frequent reminders are very helpful since repetition is needed for these lessons to sink in. Thanks!

  • Hey Karen thanks for the feedback. We all need reminders. I’m glad this helped. When we make decisions we create momentum. Even if we have to choose again, we are already in forward motion so it is easier. Those three decisions I mentioned are important to be aware of as they represent our point of control.

  • Excellent audio blog! Thanks for clearing the way for buiding confidence around such an important subject.

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