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There was a lot of things eating me alive. I went back to our call and my notes before we started MMC and I was pretty shocked. I was good at setting goals and achieving but never really feeling fulfilled and satisfied. I worried a lot about money, even though from many people’s viewpoint, I have it all. I couldn’t even fathom what it would be like to have my limiting beliefs removed. My life has dramatically changed. I’d been looking my whole life for someone to call me out on my own BS in a way that was loving and kind and gave me direction. No therapist could do that. No sponsor in a twelve step program, no one I encountered could do that before I met Liz.

I felt powerful in my thoughts and let the work move through me. The community was a challenge over 14 weeks because I was on the other side of the world with planned travel, so I watched a lot of the videos instead of being in the class and I have to say it works either way. I loved live feedback, but when I couldn’t, I engaged in the community and asked questions and I never felt that my experience was diminished because I couldn’t be present in every class.

I now define myself by a vision of my future instead of my memories of the past. I feel so close and connected to my family in a way that I hadn’t felt in a long time. The constant worry about money is gone, because I know that everything is going to work out for me in a wonderful, abundant way. I’m astonished at how easily things I’ve held onto for so many years, have dissipated and my life has completely changed.

To the person out there, take a chance on yourself to do something that you’ve never done before. And watch what happens.

Janet McCullar

I was in a season of my life of feeling lost. I have three grown children and all my life has been focused on taking care of them. When I first started I was not sure where I was or who I was, so I had no confidence. Coming into the group was very intimidating at first. Liz eased any anxieties I had. What I got most out of the group was sharing with the other women, listening to their stories, connecting with the same thoughts they had. There’s a camaraderie and love that all the women have for each other. It’s a safe place to open up. And lots of tears. Women are connecting with their soul and it helped me open up and be more myself. The biggest takeaway would be that I’m in control of my life. I’m in control of my happiness. I have a fullness every day that I know I didn’t have before.

Tanya Dearborn

It was pretty limited how I saw myself. I was going through the motions of daily routines and wasn’t thinking in the future. I was not satisfied with my job and relationship problems were bringing me down. I was blaming others and settling for good enough. I had turned off my feelings thinking that was a very good thing. At the end of 14 weeks, I had a burning feeling that this was not done for me. I have always thought I need to just be a teacher until I retire, a responsible, safe path. Liz opened the door and planted seeds in my mind. 

My big aha is that there’s a second act. What I wrote for my life before is not set. I feel alive. I’m coming back to the real person. I have power and control over my life. I can feel all my feelings again without judging them. I hear the sneaky thoughts in my head, and now I have an answer back – it’s not true. I’m enjoying thinking about the things that are possible. If you are searching for more, and not seeing possibility the way you could be, this class is for you.

Lori Carr

I had a lot of little breakthrough moments. I felt like I was reborn. It sounds a little crazy, but for the first time I was actually living my life. Whereas prior to the class, I survived life. Within this class, I saw what I was creating through evidence, my new reality and it was amazing. I think on purpose and into the future. I’ve seen drastic changes in my relationships with my children and I got an unexpected job raise this year. I have opportunities now that I’m facing fearlessly.


Marcie Crawn

There was always something deeper inside of me that was calling me to serve in a certain way. I worked for a corporate company, but felt it’s not my true calling. I had a history of bad relationships.

We had an amazing group of ladies and such a safe environment. The first class I was anxious. By the end of class, I was all in. The energy of the women were amazing and it really helped me through my journey. Every week, I couldn’t wait to jump on the call. I’ve always been a shy person and uncomfortable speaking in front of people. All that went out the window.


Something was missing that I was not reaching my full potential and I had a lot of self-doubt. I saw your last round of interviews and I actually knew a couple of the women. I messaged them asking their opinion. They didn’t even write me back, they voice messaged me, sign up right this minute. It will change your life, I promise. That’s a pretty ringing endorsement.

We formed a really trusting, tight knit group where everyone listens deeply to one another and offers feedback and coaches each other. My heart was going to explode just listening to everybody. Everyone should take this class. It’s so important to be able to manage your own mind and realize what’s possible.

I’m not in business. I’m a teacher, I’m a mom. Well, a teacher is business. I’m in the business of family. I’m in the business of motherhood. So 100% you don’t have to own your own busines to do it.

Stephanie Rousseau

I believe now that my possibilities are endless and I feel so connected to myself and the universe of trusting. I’m a completely different person. I cannot say enough how important this work is and how much my life has changed. I’ve got a whole next chapter of my life to live and I’m not going to lug the drama of my past with me. I’ve made my peace with all of it because I love who I am and I love my life. That’s a really powerful shift.

Kyle Hollingsworth

I was living a life where I felt completely trapped by it and my thoughts were dominating everything. I was living in a constant state of fear. I had an intense grip on life and felt trappeed in the life I had created. Thank goodness I said yes to MMC. I remember suddenly realizing that instead of being in a tornado with my thoughts, I could remove myself and observe. I got out of that spin. 

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