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Women just like you with the same fears, self-doubt and limiting beliefs have graduated from the Mindset Masterclass and transformed. You can too.


Katrina KowalskiCPA

Last fall I pulled the rug out from under myself and became self-employed.  As a CPA – my life has always been about taking the safest route.  I had no idea how I was going to be successful – I just knew I had to be.  I was floundering with how to make it all happen and just felt stunted.  I had been watching Liz’ posts on Facebook and had dabbled by taking one of her mindset group classes.  I liked what she had to say and how she made you think twice about things, but I just couldn’t fathom admitting I needed a “business coach”.  All that being said, I bit the bullet and went all in and have met with Liz weekly for 6 months.  Liz patiently listens and then teaches you about the little intricacies in your mindset.   I loved her perspective and her quiet way of showing you the tools and then guiding you to work out how to use those tools.  I have always been a person that gets it done -but I had never thought about the why.  I had been living each day just putting out the next “fire” so to speak.  With Liz’ patient guidance she has shown me how to recognize my thoughts and direct my energies in a thoughtful way that helps to accomplishes my goals; a way to be proactive instead of reactive.   Liz is not only a business coach she is a life coach that has touched every aspect of my life.

Kim GerrityHR Director

Working on my mindset has been everything I hoped it would be and more than I could have really understood when I said “yes” to partnering with Liz. In my heart, I absolutely know what I want to do and who I want to serve in my coaching business. But getting my head to put it all together seemed out of reach. Deep down, I was afraid that those doubts meant I wouldn’t and couldn’t be successful in the entrepreneurial realm. Hearing Liz talk about how our beliefs are really what will hold us back, I knew I had to figure out what the heck these self-limiting beliefs were really about.  It was a stretch (both financially and outside of my comfort zone) to get vulnerable and really focus on the mindset work, but absolutely 100% worth the investment, and here’s why.

Learning that there are proven strategies I can use to achieve the things that have eluded me is so reassuring.  It’s freedom.  It’s catching a glimpse of possibility and learning how to grab hold of it. It’s learning it’s not “that I’m not cut out for this”. It’s knowing I can learn and practice how to become the person I want to be. It’s embracing that I have the power to create my future. It’s realizing i’m not at the mercy of this life (or my brain) and stepping into radical responsibility for the life I want to create.

Well, it’s kinda everything ??

Thank you, Liz! Thank you for creating a space for women to fully step into who they are called to be in this world. I’m changed for the better because of your gift of teaching!

Allyson RobertsCoach, author and speaker
Working with Liz is opening so many internal doors to my self-worth that I knew were there but didn't know how to open until now. The keys, of course, are our thoughts, and with Liz guiding me, I've been able to understand, on such a deep level, the importance of working out self-worth, and that loving ourselves is based on a daily decision. The results I've seen, as a direct result of working with Liz, range from earning six figures in a three-month period of time to reconciling a family issue that was as old as I am - 55 years! I know I will continue my work with Liz because our healing is a journey, not a destination, and if you are wanting to finally have the prosperity you deserve, the abundance, peace and serenity, you need to begin your journey with Liz right now.
Kim AliprantisIsagenix Executive

I have been working with Liz on a weekly basis for 6 months now and couldn't imagine my business without her.  One of my best friends introduced me to Liz, and though I was skeptical about what a "coach" could offer, I decided to give her services a try.

Well, Liz' coaching has been nothing short of incredible! She immediately identified my strengths and the areas I needed to improve.   Through interactive sessions she has taught me invaluable skills that I apply everyday to my business.  What I find even more amazing is that these skills make my work not only more successful, but much more enjoyable and even, dare I say, second nature.

Large companies may provide wonderful coaching on how to accomplish your goals.  However, what differentiates Liz is her ability to help you, through self-relection, to discover WHY you want to accomplish your goals. This "why" is the fuel that keeps your fire burning even through the difficult times we all face in our business endeavors.  Liz is so much more than a business coach - she is a LIFE coach. Without her I know my success over the last 4 months would be a fraction of what it is. I find myself craving our sessions and, as I write this, I am counting down the days to our next session.

Laura CohenIsagenics Executive

I once introduced Liz to one of my teammates as my “business coach”….she was quick to correct me that she was a “life coach”. If you know me, you would know that I probably made some sarcastic remark because what really is a “life coach”? I think this term can be overused and almost diluted. A business coach teaches you the foundations for business. Liz does this in her coaching, but what Liz has brought not only to my business but to my life is so much more then those basic concepts you can read in any business book. Yes, my business has tripled since coaching with her but so much more rewarding is how she has impacted my life as a whole. You cannot truly be successful in any business if you are not willing to look in the mirror and change what needs to be changed. I have grown so much as a businesswoman, a leader, a mom, a spouse AND a person and I credit my coaching with Liz for much of this growth. Liz pushes me out of my comfort zone but also has a safety net waiting for me. That safety net is her support. I know I can reach out to Liz between sessions with any issue or milestone that I achieve and she is there for me….not because she has to be, but because she wants to be. I know how deep her bonds are with her clients. Numerous members of my downline have started coaching with Liz…this has not only transformed my business but more importantly, their lives!!!! They always call me and thank me for suggesting that they invest in coaching with Liz. Liz has a gift that not many people have. She is 100% in the right line of work – ask any of her clients. I am forever changed from the impact that Liz has had on my life. She truly is one in a million.

Kim PorterIsagenics

I participated in a 5 day Business Boot Camp and I can honestly say, Liz changed my outlook on life. I wish I could start every day talking with Liz! Liz needs her own morning radio talk show!!

Before talking with Liz, I labeled myself as a nervous person. On the very first introductory call, Liz helped me realize that nervousness and excitement feel the same way in my body. They are just energy and I decide how to label those feelings. I changed my mindset and no longer do I label myself as a “nervous” person.

The conversations that Liz and I had focused on the principles of business and how to build a successful business on these principles. Liz helps you understand that by giving and being open to receive, the possibilities in your life and in your business are endless. During my boot camp week, my business literally skyrocketed! I was in full action and as a result, my income increased dramatically!

Liz helped me uncover my self-confidence, my belief that I am worthy, and my excitement for life! She awakened a spirit inside of me that I forgot existed. I am forever grateful to Liz and I plan on continuing my relationship with her in the future!

Hollie HelmanIsagenics Executive

When I think of Liz I think of this incredible gift that I have given to my heart, my mind, and my spirit. Liz’s coaching style provides the tools for a person to discover the very best version of themselves. She spends time getting to know who you are and coaches you for you. Not trying to fit you into a mold of something, but rather peeling back the layers of you, to be comfortable and confident in your own skin.

I will never forget the very first phone call I had with Liz. It was all about authenticity and using my feelings as my guidepost. I will never forget how empowered I felt after we hung up the phone. Liz was telling me to be me and to trust how I was feeling. Thinking back to that moment, I remember that was the one thing I wasn’t doing. I was trying to be everyone but myself, because I had lost so much of that belief in whom I was as a person. Just hearing those words from Liz started that shift in me that started to make me whole again.

Not only does Liz share these amazing words of wisdom, but she also gives you the tools you need. Whether it is a book, questions to ask yourself, or podcasts to listen to there is always something tangible that she gives to you to help you continue to develop and grow after the call is over. I have always appreciated that so much. I need the practice and I need the time, and having those added resources really help land the words and tools Liz shares.

That type of reinforcement and reminders also confirm Liz’s coaching style too. She isn’t leaving you after the call is over. She is with you through the resources she is sharing making sure that the tools are concrete, continuing to guide, support, help or lead you with what you are looking for with you. That type of added support has made a world of difference, and reconfirms Liz’s dedication as a life coach to her clients.

When you talk with Liz something magical happens. For me, I find myself able to breathe slightly more. It’s like Liz is helping you peel another layer off of yourself that has been holding you back for so long, and as those layers drops off of you, you are able to breathe more deeply.

I truly believe that the universe delivered Liz into my life. Since that very first phone call, Liz has changed my life and the life I am living, for the absolute better. I am just incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Liz. Taking that chance on me has been the very best decision!

Jennifer RuditskyNetwork marketer

I have to give a huge thank you to Liz for changing me from a hovering unsure wallflower, to some one who now is in the arena and daring greatly.

Liz helped me realize that I have great abilities and gifts within me. Her guidance and coaching helped me to set realistic goals and then strategically do the work to achieve them. I have learned to dig deep within myself and that has forever changed me. My belief in what I can accomplish and what I have accomplished in my business I owe all to her.

Ann C.

I can't say enough about Liz Nicklas. I highly recommend her as a life and business coach. Whether you need guidance in your personal or professional life, Liz is the one. She recently helped me navigate a very difficult family situation. She was with me every step of the way providing feedback and much needed support. Working with her I have learned to trust my instincts, believe in myself and stay the course. Liz has an uncanny ability to empower you to find the right answers inside yourself. She helped me to find choices in places I felt stuck. She is like a beacon in a storm guiding you to safety.

With Liz's help I have been able to successsfully resolve a very difficult family situation and move on with my life. Liz's coaching made the difference.

Clara Isama

These thoughts that I am about to share started one saturday morning when my daughter and I met three ladies in the home of my family doctor that set me on a path, a journey, that has led me to Liz who is guiding us towards greater heights.

Last year, Liz coached me for some weeks and it was a new one on one experience for me that I will constrain myself to describe as follows: she led me to take an introspective look at myself in a different setting. It was like taking an onion and systematically peeling it, piece by piece and by the time she got to the center, there were serious moments of hmmm, wow, aha, what(s). Many cobwebs that needed to be KNOCKED down became obvious. I woke from a certain “slumber” back to that “Place” where I lived, once again in the full realization that, all battles are fought and won, in the spirit, within, before they make manifest in the natural in so far as one is connected to the Source of all and for me, that is God Almighty.

The current Tele Class is bringing to the fore, certain critical elements of our lives and permit me to zero in on ‘belief’ amongst others. My faith (like that of others) teaches me that, whatsoever I ask the Father, believing shall be given unto me(paraphrasing). For me,” believing” is the hinge, the pivot around which “the asking ” revolves. I hope someday to share how this Class has further energized me, coming from a background of many belief systems and languages that is making this experience truly

Finally, I see Liz during this coaching period as a Lighthouse guiding our ship ashore. As the TIDE of renewed knowledge rises through these Tele Classes, I am driven to take an in depth look once again at myself and seek to modify, work on, change those tendencies of times gone by, that did not serve any purpose let alone add any appreciable value to my life. As I journey on the sea of life amidst storms and waves and calmness unknown, LIz reinforces for me, the need to stay connected and be co-creating with the Way, the Truth and the life; which arms me with the WILL TO WIN IN THIS WORLD OF WORRIES. These are my thoughts and not a sermon. Thanks.

Natalie Cannady

So what is it like coaching with Liz Nicklas? It’s personal training for your mind and life! When you go to a personal trainer for your body, do you lament over the bags of potato chips you should not have eaten or the sit ups you should have done? Nope, you start with the body you walked in with and set out on a new journey to obtain the body you desire by reframing your activity, your diet and your mindset. With Liz it is the same thing. You are on a new journey of creating the life you desire by reframing your mind, thoughts and actions to align with your desired path. Through my work with Liz I have molded a life that I am happy, content and fulfilled living in while simultaneously working towards the goals of where I want to be in a week, a month, a year, even 10 years. I am no longer a victim of circumstances or just “playing the hand I have been dealt”…I have ownership over my own life. Life is a journey not a destination, and every journey needs a tour guide!

Kathleen Pershinsky

Simply stated, in terms of all aspects of my life, I am better because of coaching with Liz. I am enriched and empowered in ways I never knew I could be. I certainly had heard of The law of Attraction before working with Liz, but I never realized how I could really use it. Now I know my power. I would tell anyone, you can only grow in positive ways by working with Liz. If you want different results, you have to learn to do things differently. Coaching with Liz made that difference for me.

Cindy Cichanowicz

I never knew what Life Coaching was but now know the incredible changes in my life I've been able to make because of working with Liz. I am the type of person who always pushes herself and has high expectations, but I felt I needed guidance to get to where I would be really fulfilled. I was introduced to Liz through a friend of mine who was a clients of hers. I started in a group coaching class of hers then went on to private coaching.

During private coaching I have learned many techniques to help me grow physically, spiritually and emotionally. With a focus on Law of Attraction and values, Liz has helped me to prioritize my life and helped me to realize what "obstacles" and "energy drains" were holding me back from creating a life of abundance.

Liz is phenomenal. She taught me tools so I could create my ultimate vision. Liz never told me what to do; she guided me and supported me. I created the vision and the path. Now, I can attract more positive growth and attain goals in all aspects of my life. I am truly empowered.

Tracy Cast

Coaching is powerful because you have someone who is completely unbiased & who completely cares about your happiness, listening to you with undivided attention. Liz makes you feel completely at ease and that there are no wrong answers. She validates my feelings and gives me instant feedback. She helps me to see things from different perspectives and to see my point of control. Liz has helped me to make major shifts in my thinking and my beliefs - which have empowered me in both my personal life and in my business. I think everyone should have a chance to be coached by Liz Nicklas.