This is an advanced membership for Masterclass level 1 and 2 graduates only.

The Masterclass Graduate Academy is your place for continued success and practice as you deepen your understanding of the concepts and tools.

Together, we can help each other become more as women by implementing and reinforcing the ideas, strategies and tactics designed to allow us to breakthrough self-imposed limiting beliefs and create a new reality. If you commit to learning and applying what I teach and coach you on, then you will once and for all know how to live and create deliberately rather than reactively. That my friends, is freedom.

I built this Academy for all of you. I built it to to keep us entangled closely, and I built it so we can go further together.

What’s included:

Two calls per month live on Zoom

  • Each call will have a brief Mindset Masterclass tools/concept training and review, and then we will dive into live coaching, Q&A and discussion.
  • Each call will be sixty minutes and will be permanently housed inside the Facebook group. As long as you are in The Academy, you will have access to every call.
  • Call times will rotate slightly to accommodate international members. Most calls will be at 4:00 pm Eastern Time.

Private Facebook community

  • Ask questions between calls and get support from Liz and Academy members.
  • Liz will customize trainings and review what you are most wanting to discuss.

Get the support and connection you need for continued success

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