How To Think to sell


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(Pre-recorded April 29 – May 3, 2024)


Sales is more than just a transactional exchange; it’s about building meaningful connections, understanding your customers’ needs, and offering solutions that truly resonate.

However, many of us struggle with self-doubt, fear of rejection, and limiting beliefs that hinder our sales success.

That’s where mindset mastery comes in. Your mindset shapes your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, ultimately influencing your approach to sales. By cultivating a powerful and positive mindset, you can overcome obstacles, build confidence, and create genuine connections that lead to increased sales and client satisfaction.

But hang on a second….

Is this a sales course just for entrepreneurs!?

Do I need to have a business?

Big fat NOPE!

I define sales as:

inspiring people to take action.

A teacher inspires differently than a nurse.

A parent inspires differently than someone in corporate.

But fundamentally, we are all inspiring people around us to take action, whether or not you’re even paid for that.

Spoiler alert: You’re in the business of sales!

I raised three kids and I was selling something to them every single day.

  • I was selling hard work.
  • I was selling good grades.
  • I was selling getting enough sleep.
  • I was selling staying off technology.
  • Eating well.
  • Sleep. Diet, Exercise.
  • You get it!

That’s all the business of sales. I’m pretty good at it.

We are all in sales. This course is for EVERYBODY.

If you’re a marketer, I know what you’re thinking right now. Everybody? Really Liz?

Yes, it is for anyone.

If you know my community and my work, you know that I only work with women and through only one starting gate – The Mindset Masterclass.

Well, for the first time EVER, this course will be for anyone with no prerequisites. Yep, I said it.

That means,  it’s also for men. Know any men that would benefit from this – send them right here!

The way you think, is the way you sell.


You’re going to learn the science and art of subconscious selling.

Selling is a science and an art.

I promise you will walk away with both…


Most people try to sell to their buyer’s conscious brain.

People buy with their subconscious.

There are no magic words or scripts or slide decks that you could create that can overcome that.

Remember this: Your subconscious brain is selling to the subconscious brain of your “buyer.”

That means you need to understand how your and their brains work.

So, join me, and let’s understand how selling really works.

If you struggle with sales (inspiring others to take action), this course is for you!

If you struggle to convince yourself to try and sell something, this is for you!

If you are a massive action taker and your action doesn’t convert or create anything, this is for you!

If you’re somebody who knows all the things you should be doing and can’t get yourself to take action, this is for you!

If you feel icky or salesy or pushy or you fear other people will see you that way, this is for you!

If you just want to be better at sales, this is for you!


The course was hosted in a private Facebook group from April 29 – May 3.

When you purchase now, you will have access to the recordings and discussions in a private Facebook Group.

This course is available for purchase now and recordings will be accessible until June 17th, so our recommendation is to purchase BEFORE June 16th, so you have time to watch the trainings.

There are 5 trainings that are 45-60 minutes long.

Investing in yourself and your skills is the key to unlocking new opportunities and achieving your goals. The “How to Think to Sell” course is a wise investment in your personal and professional growth. Imagine the impact of mastering mindset techniques that empower you to sell anything with confidence, authenticity, and success.

Invest in your mindset. Transform your sales.

Inspire action in others, and yourself!

Let’s go!

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