Why Coaching?

An extraordinary life doesn’t just happen.  What if you could CREATE what happens to you rather than REACTING to what happens?   What if your conscious choices defined your results?

Well, they do.

When I worked with my very first coach, my life literally changed overnight.  Suddenly, I understood and could feel that everything was a choice, and that I was actually creating my life with my choices.  That was a huge ah ha for me.  It felt as though nothing was standing in my way except of course that inner-critic voice that would fill me up with fear and self-doubt.  Once I mastered managing that inner critic, setting a mindset that served me and living fully from a place of choice, my life became creative, fun and intentional.  Today ,my coaching practice is based on my belief that we are always of choice, and we can choose to show up fully and claim the life we were meant to live.  We can soar.

You have more power than you know.  In fact, you can create or change anything in your life when you are aware of your thoughts, your words and your actions.  Most people are not conscious of the ways in which they think and show up in the world.  With Coaching, you learn to see choices where you may not have seen them before.  From that vantage point, you can change your actions and ultimately your results.

I work with clients who are ready, eager and excited to create their best life.  I teach them tools, techniques and strategies to take control of their, health, finances, realtionships and emotions.  I work with them to USE the universal laws in combination with their personal power of choice to quickly and easily manifest the results they are looking for.  Change takes awareness and action.  Action in alignment with universal law and personal intention is the key to creating the life you want.

The universal laws are always working.  These laws and principles are unfailing and consistently responsive.  Your co-creative part in the process starts with using strategies and tools to align your thoughts, emotions, language and behaviors to control your results.  When you embody these principles as a way of being, you call forth the power of the universe and engage your personal power.

Your journey to a purposeful, inspired, extraordinary life begins when you lock arms with the universe and harness its power while unleashing your own.  When you discover your personal power, understand the nature of our reality, who you are and the strategies to use, you begin to deliberately shape and influence your life and the world around you.

Self-awareness allows for conscious choice.  Then with your choices focused on your intention,  you can leverage the universe on your behalf.  You choose your results.  That’s the shift.

So I ask you, what would you change?  What would you create if you were doing it by design?  Your birthright is happiness and abundance.  You can have an extraordinary life filled with passion, purpose and prosperity.  Are you ready to claim it?